Quels sont les raccourcis dans Tableau 10 ?


Shortcuts for managing workbooks and sheets

Description Windows shortcut Mac shortcut
New workbook Ctrl+N Command+N
New worksheet Ctrl+M Command+T
Describe sheet Ctrl+E Command+E
Cycle forward through open worksheets Ctrl+Tab , Ctrl+F6 Shift+Command+Right Bracket
Cycle backward through open worksheets Ctrl+Shift+Tab , Ctrl+Shift+F6 Shift+Command+Left Bracket
Switch in and out of Presentation Mode F7 , Ctrl+H Option+Return
Enter/Exit Full Screen Control+Command+F
Open file Ctrl+O Command+O
Save file Ctrl+S Command+S
Revert workbook to last saved state F12 Option+Command+E
Close the current workbook Alt+F4 Command+W
Print Ctrl+P Command+P
Open Help F1 Control+Command+Question Mark

Shortcuts for data

Description Windows shortcut Mac shortcut
Connect to data source Ctrl+D Command+D
Activate the find command in the Data pane Ctrl+F Command+F
Refresh the data source F5 Command+R
Run data updates on a view F9 Shift+Command+0
Toggle automatic data updates on and off F10 Option+Command+0

Shortcuts for authoring views

Description Windows shortcut Mac shortcut
Show Me! Ctrl+1 , Ctrl+Shift+1 Command+1
Add the selected field to the sheet. (Only works with a single field.) Enter or double-click Return or double-click
Place selected field on Columns shelf Alt+Shift+C Option+Shift+C
Place selected field on Filters shelf Alt+Shift+F Option+Shift+F
Place selected field on Size Alt+Shift+I Option+Shift+I
Place selected field on Detail Alt+Shift+L Option+Shift+L
Place selected field on Color Alt+Shift+O Option+Shift+O
Place selected field on Pages shelf Alt+Shift+P Option+Shift+P
Place selected field on Rows shelf Alt+Shift+R Option+Shift+R
Place selected field on Shape Alt+Shift+S Option+Shift+S
Place selected field on Text/Label Alt+Shift+T Option+Shift+T
Place selected field on Rows shelf Alt+Shift+X Option+Shift+X
Place selected field on Columns shelf Alt+Shift+Y Option+Shift+Y
Open the Drop Field menu Right-click+Drag to shelf Option+Drag to shelf
Copy a field in the view and place it on another shelf or card Ctrl+Drag Command+Drag
Make rows narrower Ctrl+Left Arrow Control+Command+Left Arrow
Make rows wider Ctrl+Right Arrow Control+Command+Right Arrow
Make columns shorter Ctrl+Down Arrow Control+Command+Down Arrow
Make columns taller Ctrl+Up Arrow Control+Command+Up Arrow
Swap rows and columns Ctrl+W Control+Command+W
Flip orientation of column labels at bottom of view Ctrl+L
Smaller cell size Ctrl+B Command+B
Bigger cell size Ctrl+Shift+B Command+Shift+B
Cut text selection (in captions, titles, formulas, etc.) Ctrl+X Command+X
Paste clipboard Ctrl+V Command+V
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y Command+Shift+Z
Clear the current worksheet Alt+Shift+Backspace Option+Shift+Delete

Shortcuts for navigating and selecting marks

Description Windows shortcut Mac shortcut
Select all data Ctrl+A Command+A
Copy selected data Ctrl+C Command+C
Use Rectangular Selection tool A A
Use Lasso Selection Tool D D
Use Radial Selection Tool S S
Select a mark Click Click
Select a group of marks Drag Drag
Add individual marks to the selection Ctrl+Click Command+Click
Add a group of marks to the selection Ctrl+Drag Command+Drag
Clear the selection (Desktop and Reader only) Esc Esc
Pan around the view Shift+Drag Shift+Drag
Zoom in to a point in the view (if not map, requires zoom mode) Double-click , Ctrl+Shift+Click Double-click, Shift+Command+Click
Zoom out from a point on a map (if not map, requires zoom mode) Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Click Shift+Option+Command-Click
Zoom out Shift+Double-click Shift+Double+click
Zoom in to an area in the view (requires zoom mode if not map) Ctrl+Shift+Drag Shift+Command+Drag
Zoom in and out on a map Scroll Scroll
Drag a row and scroll through a long list simultaneously Click+Drag to bottom of pane+Hold Click+Scroll, Command+Hold

Shortcuts for pages

Description Windows shortcut Mac shortcut
Start or stop forward playback on the Pages shelf F4 F4
Start or stop backward playback on the Pages shelf Shift+F4 Shift+F4
Skip forward one page Ctrl+Period Command+Period
Skip backward one page Ctrl+Comma Command+Comma



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