Quels sont les raccourcis Qlikview


Before checking these shortcuts, first turn on “Show Shortcut keys in ScreenTips” option. With this, it will show shortcut keys whenever we hover the mouse pointer over menu icons. Just like Microsoft Excel does. This helps a lot in memorizing keyboard shortcuts.

To enable it, right click on toolbar area –> select command “Customize” –> Go to Options tab –>Check box on for “Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips”. Below are some useful keyboard shortcuts:

Command Action
CTRL + B Add Bookmark
CTRL + G Toggles layout design grid on or off.
CTRL + E Edit Script
CTRL + N New File
CTRL + O Open File
CTRL + S Save
CTRL + P Print
CTRL + Q Current Selections
CTRL + R Reload
CTRL + T Table Viewer
CTRL + SHIFT + L Lock all selections
CTRL + SHIFT + U Unlock all selection
CTRL + SHIFT + D Clear all selection
CTRL + SHIFT + S All hidden sheets and sheet objects visible
CTRL + ALT + D Document Properties
CTRL + ALT + S Sheet Properties
CTRL + ALT + V Variable Overview
CTRL + ALT + E Expression Overview
CTRL + M Edit Module (Macro coding)
ALT + ENTER Properties… (opens the Properties dialog in active object)
F6 Activates the sheet to the right of the active sheet
F7 Activates the sheet to the left of the active sheet


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